Wednesday, November 24, 2010

De-Stress with a Cat & Dog for a Happy Thanksgiving

Hi Friends,
I love the day before Thanksgiving. The house is filled with good smells of cooking spices, and I look forward to gathering with my family. It is stressful and hectic too with so much to do.
Here are a couple quick, easy, and wonderful poses that can be done before and after the holiday whirlwind of activity. This morning I did these before getting the kids off to school, cleaning the house, and cooking for 12 tomorrow. They really help relieve tension held in the upper and lower back.

Begin on all fours, hands outstretched, dropping the belly and inhale in....

Cat lift/Cow
On the exhale round the shoulders, arch the back, and tuck the tailbone under. Feel the tension release. Repeat cat lift and cat arch for a few long breaths.

 Coming back to center, inhale and lift the hips toward the sky and stretch the heels toward the earth into downward dog pose. Feel the lengthening in the legs, back, and shoulders.  
Downward Dog
 Legs Up the Wall Pose
A final pose for total relaxation is so simple and totally great for stress relief.
Find some wall space, lay down facing the wall and scoot to the wall so your legs are up the wall. Your bottom can be a few inches from the wall. Relax the shoulders, neck, lower back and breathe. Stay there for as long as you want. Gently bend the knees, roll to one side, and come up softly. Don't forget to breathe.
And now, off to make the whiskey cream sauce for my pecan pie...
Happy Thanksgiving,

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